Auto Infrared Induction Soap Dispenser for Bathroom Kitchen Hotel (Style: FOAM version)

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Smart sensor hand induction soap dispenser is an automatic spray type hand soap dispenser using digital circuit control, infrared automatic induction, and battery(or DC power) drive. It has the advantages of stable and reliable operation, strong resistance to light source interference, and sensitive induction. The infrared ejects liquid, which is suitable for the use of various disinfectants, potions, and hand sanitizers. It is a low-energy drive circuit so battery life is longer. It is an ideal choice for public places.


Full automatic induction: prevent the spread caused by bacterial contact and avoid cross-infection.
Fully automatic energy-saving chip: more energy-saving, environmental protection, and saving use cost.
More user-friendly design: easy to install, easy to use, and long service life.
Waterproof: Advanced sealing technology and waterproof function can prevent soap containers from being eroded by soap or water.
Intelligent infrared sensor technology: The built-in infrared sensor can automatically detect and dispense soap liquid without pressing or touching the dispenser to avoid non-contact bacterial infection.