ELEGIANT Digital Mini Indoor Thermometer Hygrometer

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(2 Pack), Degrees Celsius Accurate Temperature and Humidity Monitor with Comfort Indicator - EU

The best solution for a comfortable environment and a healthier life!

Compared to the other thermometer hygrometers, ELEGIANT EOX3301 Thermometer Hygrometer has these advantages:

  • More accurate temperature and humidity-Increase the contact area of the back vents.
  • Highest and lowest temperature record- Help you know the temperature difference.
  • 4 mounted ways- you can hand it on the wall or place it on the desk.

★ High Accuracy and Quickly Refresh
Data measurements are updated every 10 seconds to give you the latest changes in the environment! Temperature accuracy range around ±1 °C, humidity accuracy range around ±2-3%.

★ Portable with Four Mounting Choices
The digital hygrometer EOX-3301 is easily portable and has four mounting ways.
1)Stand on the table
2) Hang on the wall
3)Attached to a magnetic surface (You can use the magnetic back to attach to a fridge)
4)Hang on a lanyard

Temperature Range: -9.9℃--50℃ ± 1℃ accuracy
Humidity Range: 1%~99% ±2-3%RH accuracy
★ °F/°C Switchable
Refresh Rate: 10 seconds
Comfort Level Indicator: 18°C-27°C & 40% -75%

Compact & Convenient & Universal
℉/℃ Switchable --- Select to display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit as you want, by using a pin to press the [C/F] button in the back.
Comfort Level Indicator --- Comfort Level Indicator only shows in the range of temperature 18°C-27°C and humidity 40% -75%. (No Comfort Level Indicator when out of this range)