Bark Collar Professional Dual Vibration Motor - Anti-Barking Collar

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No-Shock Humane V7 for Small and Medium Dogs - Rechargeable Chipset - Anti-Barking Collar to Stop Barks Waterproof - Safe Pet Control

NO PAIN HUMANE BARKING CORRECTION WITHOUT SHOCK. The totally humane, extremely efficient, and gentle functionality of this bark collar allows getting rid of barking while completely avoiding the shock effect. To achieve this, 2 modes with 6 smart operation steps are used – normal and strong vibration. The vibration mode is optimal for working with even the smallest dogs: it is harmless to the psyche and health of the animal
DUAL MOTOR FEATURE FOR ADJUSTING VIBRATION TO DOG BEHAVIOR. This technology allows to significantly increases the power of vibration, so the collar can help correct the behavior of even the most naughty dogs without pain and static shock. Adjust vibration and sensitivity levels for optimal collar settings to work with dogs of any temperaments and breeds, including small dogs, for which shock is contraindicated
ACCURATE BARKING DETECTION WITH ADVANCED CHIP. This collar will never be triggered on extraneous sounds, except for your dog’s barking. You do not need any professional training knowledge: the precise settings of the collar make it a refined tool that excludes accidental exposure. The collar is triggered 5 times faster than others, so you can safely walk in noisy places and not worry about accidental or too late triggering
UP TO 15 DAYS OF USE AND CHARGING PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY. The collar is equipped with a rechargeable 480 mAh battery with low power consumption, providing you with 10 to 15 days of use on a single charge. A full charge takes only 2.5-3 hours. The unique charging protection technology gives a signal at overlarge input charging voltage and automatically stops charging, which prevents breakage of the collar
DEVELOPED IN THE USA WITH K-9 EXPERTS. The bark collar was developed and tested on dogs of different breeds and temperaments in conjunction with professional K-9 trainers. Safe material, strong assembly, and adjustable strap length make it suitable for small and medium-sized dogs. The bark collar works in a really humane way without shock and harming the psyche of your pet