A1 Smart Universal Home Remote Control

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IR WiFi Automatic Intelligent Remote Control Suitable for Assistant


Maybe you want your devices and appliances with smart home functionality, but still, worry about the price of changing all devices into smart appliances.


IR Remote Control: A1 can record and transmit IR (infrared) signals. By transmitting signals through the infrared emitters on the product, you can use the APP to control your home appliances, such as air conditioners, fans, TV, etc.
Wide Compatibility: You can activate the fan, control speeds, and switch on lights—all from your smartphone, tablet. Also suitable for Echo, for Home Assistant.
Voice Control: Scalability to support voice control function of Tmall Genie, Rokid, Dingdong, XiaoDu, also suitable for and Assistant voice control. Just need your voice, you can control your household appliances.
Learning Function: If the universal remote control is not able to connect with other controllers, do not worry, A1 has a learning function to help solve this problem. You can control the appliances through the learning function.
Easy to Install: Simply plug the charging cable in A1, download the app to your phone, when you set it up successfully, point the controller to your appliances, then it will work.

* The charging adapter is not included.